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Retrospec Dart 24” Kids’ Bike 7-Speed

Retrospec Dart 24” Kids’ Bike 7-Speed


Dart is a comfortable, advanced bike for kids that bridges the gap by introducing them to features commonly seen on adult bikes. A versatile 7-speed drivetrain teaches them how to use gears to optimize their ride, and twist-grip shifters allow them to practice switching gears with their hands on the handlebars and eyes on the road. The easy-reach V-brake is made for small hands, but brings big stopping power, and gets them used to braking with their hands instead of their feet. Taking children’s unique proportions into account, this bike is tailor made just for them – its ergonomic design with adjustable height supports a comfortable riding position as they keep growing, its size and weight allow even smaller cyclists to handle the bike with ease, and cushy, shock-absorbing tires will keep the cruising smooth ride after ride. They’ll be leading the pack in no time.

  • Aluminum Frame

    Durable build

    Shimano 3-Speed

    Precision shifting you can count on

    Revoshift Twist-Grip Shifter

    Hands on handlebar shifting

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